Monday, February 18, 2013

someone needs to make a trailer...

I guess that someone will be me. (Massive sigh.) I so don't have the patience for messing with photos and so forth at the moment BUT... Action Man has abandoned trailer making so it's going to have to be me.
I tried to encourage Romeo to make the trailer but he flapped his long paws at me and muttered something about opposable thumbs. He needs them or something.
Sounds like an excuse to me.

I can hear Action Man grumbling about me personifying the dog... to be honest Romeo's more human than a lot of people. I know at least one person who agrees that some dogs are very human.

Meanwhile, human or not, this is not getting a trailer made.

This morning I finished making the twiddly annoying changes I picked up while reading, the problem is I haven't finished reading and nor has Action Man. (Bugger!!)
Will read more tonight. Was too tired to read last night.

In other exciting news... I've done all the laundry and it's just occurred to me that I'm home and therefore will probably have to cook dinner tonight. (Again, bugger!)

This is where I was on Saturday night and Sunday morning:

Mahau Sound from the deck at Ramona

Cloudy morning in Mahau

And this is crossing the Strait for the first time in over a year I took the Ferry - I prefer to fly. But I would've missed out on these photos if I'd flown!

Leaving Wellington
on Cook Strait
sun setting over the South Island

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