Saturday, February 2, 2013

So, February?

Not sure where January went but it went. Think a fair bit of it went in hopping back and forth between here and Marlborough. We're not done with that yet and I don't know how long I'm home for.

January ended with phone calls from police and phone calls to a prosecutor. I've always been a big supporter of our police and for good reason. They're caring, understanding, and do a freaking amazing job. I appreciate how awesome they've been this last week. (I witnessed a crime about 6 mths ago, this is to do with that.)

Feb started with a deadline.

It also started with a 50K challenge. Just four of us doing this. Darren, Anna, Michael and me. Such fun!

My 50K challenge is a story decided on by The Admins. In fact Admin One. It's a story I know really well... so that should make it easier, right?
Yeah right.
It will be once I turn it on it's head and tell it from a completely different angle. Which should make it a much more interesting story. Guess we'll find out.

Meanwhile. Edits/Deadline/Soundbyte.

Squealer went back to school on Wednesday. Breezy goes back on Monday. I cannot wait!

Today, Action Man and I are going to see Zero Dark Thirty. I've been waiting for this movie to open here. It's also the first time in 12 years that we've been to the movies to see a grown-up film. Incredible.
Squealer and Breezy are going up to spend the afternoon with The Admins. (Because Admins are awesome.)

Suppose I should get the house tidied up.

Spent an hour tackling edits. It's not difficult at all just time consuming.

Have a good weekend.


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