Monday, February 11, 2013

Plans change

These days making plans is rather ridiculous.

Take next weekend it was supposed to look like this: Action Man on a security detail for a gun show from Friday night until Sunday evening (or whenever), me and the girls attending the gun show on Saturday as part of 'AWriter's Plot' field trip and then going to the jousting finals at Harcourt Park on Sunday.

Well, that ain't happening.

I'm now going to Marlborough on Friday night.
If Squealer is lucky Action Man will take her to the jousting in the morning - as it's her birthday treat. I'll try to get a late flight home so that he and the girls can go to the jousting and not have to leave too soon for the trek into the airport.

Luckily (because it wasn't good time management at all, to be honest) I should be able to return the SOUNDBYTE ms to my editor at Rebel on Thursday. So I don't have to worry about not being able to work over the weekend.

Fuck you deadline.

The last year and a half has left me quite jaded when it comes to writing - well not writing as much as the industry.
I'm tired of not being heard. I am tired of not getting answers in a timely fashion. I'm tired of hearing about things that never happen.
This has an unfortunate spin-off... I can't be fucked writing.
Writing takes a lot of effort, to much to be sustained purely by the love of telling a story.

At the moment it's not even fun... and quite frankly I don't know if it's worth the bullshit and the aggravation.

What's more, I'm starting to feel like people have forgotten where books come from... they come from someone. They don't magically appear on the shelf on your bookstore or on the pages of your favorite online store.
I feel that writers are under valued - without writers there would be no agents, no editors, no publishers, no booksellers, no movies, no television programs, no plays, no actors, no poetry and for that matter no computer games. Imagine that world?
Colorless, sad, dull.
And yet, if you start with a writer... the outcome changes to a colorful vibrant world, rich in imagery.

Think about it.

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