Friday, February 8, 2013

Looking for gossip?

Then you've come to the wrong place.

As you were. :)

I need to finish the SOUNDBYTE edits by next weekend. So hopefully I will be able to concentrate and get it mostly done this weekend. Considering staying in bed until they're finished. (That will only work if my coffee bell works!! And after Romeo has been for a walk - those long legs of his need stretching. So not so much staying in bed as going back to my room with my laptop once everyone is sorted and I have coffee.)

Action Man is away doing Action things all day tomorrow... the kids will only bug me if they can see me. Seems to be the way with kids. So shutting myself in my room tomorrow might be the best idea.
Plus, The Boy Wonder will probably be around to referee any arguing or fighting.

Looking forward to 'A Writer's Plot' in March.
REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone's faces when I dish out a wee welcome back short story exercise. Oh the joy.
Which reminds me I need to order printer ink. No, I still haven't done that.
(Haven't got Romeo his orange reflector safety vest either... yes I know I need it on Wednesday! Give me a break, my brain is busy it can't be remembering extra stuff.)

Think Sunday (there is only one Sunday a week but this week it's felt like a procession of Sundays. Having a holiday on a Wednesday will do that to a country person.) is a girls afternoon. S and Breezy have a play date  -there was much unhappiness on Wednesday because they didn't get a chance to play Barbie before we left. They only had 4 hours to play, it's simply not long enough...
Us older girls have a play date of sorts too. Promises to be fun.
Which means I REALLY need to get this work finished so I can enjoy Sunday guilt free.

What are your weekend plans??

(As always... Admins are never far away and watching.)

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