Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I never saw that coming

So last night I took a break from the edits. My brain was damn near toasted by dinner time anyway.  I watched some Human Target (seems to help glue my brain cells back together) and got stuck into writing the new book  - the book as designed by my Admins... for the Writer's Plot Challenge.

It's fun.

I was lying on the sofa working away not taking much notice of the words on the paper... because I trust that they will appear in almost the right order and tell a story. (I had to write in a notebook, no idea why, but that's how it had to happen.) I was writing until midnight. I couldn't stop. Whatever it was had to exist on paper before I could sleep.
This morning I started typing it into the doc.
That's when I realized what was going on.

See, this book is about 4 ahead of what's out now (which would make it the 8th byte novel...) and is a the story (in a warped way) of the month me and the Admins spent in DC. - Admin One spent sometime telling me all the things that are required to be in this book.
(Just had a text from Admin Bubbles, seems she misses DC as much as I do.)
So the part that deals with everything that happened and potentially could have happened - that's just fine. That involves me turning the story on it's head and telling it from Ellie's perspective... from the outside looking in. And let me tell ya, some of the stuff we did from the outside does not look innocent.
It's all in the perspective.
But anyway, that bit, awesome, fun, not too hard to write.
Then, Ellie let something slip. I didn't pick up on it last night. It wasn't fully apparent until today.
All I have to say is "Fuck!"
I said other things too... but they were along the same lines. So no point repeating them here.

The very last thing I yelled at the screen was, "How the hell are you going to get out of this?"

Yeah, yelled...

I love Ellie, I do.
As a main character she's all kinds of awesome. I'd love to hang out with her. I think she'd be a lot of fun. But the other thread in this book is monumental. It's not a story thread I want to write (since when has that stopped me? Didn't wanna write the end of Terrorbyte either but I did it.), it won't end well, it'll drag up too much stuff... I just don't wanna. Maybe it's okay to write it and then ditch it and keep only the main story... obviously I can't not write it, not if I want to sleep ever.

*shakes fist* at disobedient main character!!

Now back to work... deadline approaching. Other story will hopefully settle and wait now!

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