Thursday, February 7, 2013

Batten down the hatches

Today went like this...

07:05 - Squealer can't find her medication. After searching the house... I resorted to the emergency meds I keep (for just such odd occasions).

07:45 - As a last resort I searched the rubbish bin for the medication. Sense of humor now completely gone. Box last seen on the kitchen bench yesterday morning turned up at bottom of trash... covered on coffee grinds and god knows what. Medication still safe in bubble packs inside soggy box.
Who put it there? Either Squealer (putting the wrong thing in the bin) or Action Man (not checking box to see if it was full or not.).

08:00 - Walked Breezy to school then walked Romeo to town to buy earplugs for Breezy - her classroom is too noisy and she can't concentrate... and comes home with headaches. Went back to school, inserted earplugs into child's ears - spoke to the teacher about the noise level. Went home.

09:30 - Started cutting out two skirts. Had to use weights not pins... fabric is fucking awful stretch knit.

11:00 - First skirt still not finished. Machine not coping with the fucking awful stretch knit at all. And doesn't respond to threats or foul language which really annoys me.

14:30 - Skirts semi-assembled... none finished. Machine refusing to play nice and sew the shitty awful fabric.
Unbelievably pissed off. Wasted entire day on something that should've taken half-an-hour.

14:45 - Walked to school to pick up Breezy. Sian and Daniel came back with us - made Sian a cup of herbal tea. And was a bad host. Sian, Daniel, and Breezy played Mousetrap. I tried to figure out how to finish the skirts.

16:00 - Carolyn rang. She came over and spoke nicely to the sewing machine... and eventually got it to sew the yoke thing to the skirt bit. She's bringing her old machine over tomorrow.
Sometimes you need proper old solid dependable 'will sew anything without thinking about it' machines. Okay always. New machines are shit.

17:00 - (was my grandfathers badge number) Thought about dinner and cooked it. Breezy told me her neck is sore and she asked for anti-flamme on it. Both girls needed to use Ventolin today. This doesn't bode well for the weekend.

19:00 - Phone call. Not good news. But some good advice regarding the skirts and the fabric. (Dad knows a thing or two.)
Rest of the night has been totally screwed really. Couldn't be bothered watching Miranda to the end. It just wasn't funny.

21:30 - Tried to go to bed. 'Tards next door outside making too much noise and being fucktarded.

22:14 - Tards still being fucktarded. Am now downstairs sitting at my desk. Too tired to do anything but I can't sleep with idiots next door in their front yard partying (it's a fucking school night!).
FYI - 100mph is 160.93kmph - that was the cause of much bad maths outside about half an hour ago.

Really need to get these edits finished before the world comes crashing down - the waves are getting kinda high.

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