Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stuff that makes me smile...

It's been a bit of a rough 13 months for our family and there are still rough waters ahead.
So when something happens that makes us smile we like to share it.

My bestest cheerleader has been at it again. (Bestest is so a word! Just have another shot of tequila, you'll see. Shush now and read on...)

I don't go to Amazon and look at reviews of my books because a very smart woman and fellow Backspacer advised me not to about a year ago (Thanks Sara Gruen your advice probably saved my sanity and yes, I did heed it.).

I'm having a total deja vu moment - one second while I go check something... okay back.

So anyway when a review of Flashbyte was mentioned by James Houston Turner I broke my rule and went to see what he'd said. (Now, to be fair, I knew he was reading the book because he'd made mention of the first few pages so I kinda had a clue that it might be a safe review for me to check out...)

Well Turner said this (if you click on the image it's easier to see the whole thing):

 I was momentarily lost for words because I'm such a huge fan of his. I really am. Talk about talent - Turner has it in spades and then some.

I noticed something else while I was reading on Amazon... another review and it's good too.
I almost didn't read it, Sara's advice was foremost in my brain... but I noticed 4 stars so figured it wouldn't be awful. It wasn't.

Right that's it for me an Amazon for awhile... I don't want to slide back into the trap of checking for reviews and stressing out.

Cheers, Turner. xx

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