Monday, January 21, 2013

Something new

Not something borrowed or something blue, but something new.

A new notebook and a new story.

I didn't write much yesterday - too busy looking for a new fridge. (Oh, there's a story all by itself... fridge hunting/salesmen/and it was fun! But we're not going there, I don't have time this morning.)

This morning I am flying south again. Back to Marlborough. Going dark.
I don't mind the dark - means I might get some work done.

I'll be back at the end of the week.

Meanwhile - new story.

At first I was horrified when I started writing this new book and realized very quickly Delta were coming back to NZ. Guess I was hoping for somewhere more exotic. But NZ it is... so I have to suck up my disappointment and just write.

Turns out there are some dismembered bodies. Well, not so much bodies. Heads. No doubt the explanation will entertain me and hopefully one day, you.

Take care while I'm gone. Play as good friends.

Admins will be watching... they're always watching.


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