Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sharing this here because...

This year is starting out hard (and no I'm not explaining). This fabulous guy James Houston Turner, (who writes awesome freaking books "Grecos Game"  "Department Thirteen"  "The Identity Factor" and I do believe there is a new book coming out on Feb 26th... "November Echo" - you all know I'm a BIG fan of Turner's, right? Anyway...  This morning Turner posted a link that almost made me cry.
I don't like to waste mascara! Knock it off!! ;-) xx

This is an image taken from my personal Facebook page:

Dude, you ROCK! 


Now where's the tequila??


Blue Line Guy said...

Champagne. Not tequila. Unless you're in biker babe mode.

Cat Connor said...

Whatever floats your boat... ;-)

I see you...

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