Thursday, January 3, 2013

See you later alligator...

This morning we walked Cleo and Romeo into town for ice-cream. Well, they think they walked all that way for ice-cream.
I had to go to the bank - happens to be a ice-cream shop right by the bank.

The lady who owns the shop was watching the girls and the hounds (through the side door of the shop) while I was in the bank... she told me that when I went to get the ice-cream. She explained how wonderful it was to see such loving dogs with kids as she packed the dogs cones over half way down then added extra scoops on top.
Yeah that's right, the DOGS got extra ice-cream.
Mind you the 'single'cones I'd ordered for everyone weren't. They were all doubles and then some. (You get the 'and then some' when you're a Greyhound and super cute.)

We came across a woman (not far from the shop) who was all high-pitched and overly excited to see the hounds (and may or may not have had a missing hand - I never saw her other hand, suspect it was in fact missing). Romeo approached her first, she squealed and carried on about how beautiful he is (he usually likes that, a lot) but this time he didn't. He stepped back. She reached for Cleo and Romeo blocked her. He angled himself across me and Cleo. That single movement meant the woman couldn't reach either child, me, or Cleo. I figured it was time to move on. We did.
We had to pass her again as we left. She tried to touch Romeo and he side-stepped her.
There is nothing quite as cold as being snubbed by a hound.

I've seen Romeo behave like that before when he hasn't liked someone. It fascinates me when he does.
He positions himself so whoever it is cannot reach past him and turns away.
I noticed a few months ago that when the dogs are out together - Romeo approaches anyone who shows interest in the dogs first. If they pass his scrutiny then he moves to let Cleo in, if not, he does what he did today.

There is no nastiness or anything like that. He's quiet, calm, and decisive in his movements. I always listen. If R doesn't like someone I figure he has a bloody good reason, because he is the worlds friendliest dog!

The dogs slept for 5 hours after our walk. Well actually, Cleo slept for 5 hours, we had visitors and everything and she did not notice! Romeo entertained them briefly then went back to sleep.

I'm off down to Marlborough on Friday morning (that would be tomorrow).

I'll be back on Tuesday.

Until then you won't be hearing from me... so try and behave. :) Marlborough Sounds is the land that WiFi forgot. In some ways it's a good thing. I'm taking my laptop and I have a few things I need to finish... so without the distraction of you, dear internet, I might get them done.
There is a good chance I won't have time but at least I have everything with me - you know... just in case.

Meanwhile it's probably time I packed.

Hope you all have a good next five days.  :)

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