Thursday, January 24, 2013


Joey kept Carolyn and I fully entertained for 4 days.
Joey doesn't even know he was so entertaining. Although, I'm pretty sure 'entertainment' is in his job description.

On Monday we arrived in Havelock with an hour to kill. A free hour. What could be done in Havelock with a free hour?

Well, we discovered a museum of the sea. And wandered through that for a while - well worth the $5, so if you get to Havelock go visit it!

Then we meandered down the road and saw a large noticeboard. Which delighted Carolyn. She called me over to see what she'd found.

She'd found Joey.

Well more accurately she'd found his advert. Yes, that's right. Joey has an ad.
We couldn't get the cabinet open to take one of the leaflets so had to photograph it through the glass... not a great pic but you get the idea.
It goes like this:

And it amused us for four days.
Whenever Carolyn disappeared for longer than a few minutes I told everyone she was meeting Joey on the beach.
We came up with stories about Joey. We gave him a myriad of backgrounds and caused all manner of mischief with this advert. He became our mental escape. And much joy was had with stories of Joey.

And the whole time I managed to resist texting him and simply asking "Why?".
I'm the sure the reason Joey is advertising in Havelock is less entertaining than the stories we came up with.

The other Havelock discovery was probably the best fudge I've ever tasted. FYI that's what everyone will be getting for birthdays etc this year - Dellies Fudge. The maple and walnut... oh it's delicious. There is a new rating system in place. I give the maple walnut fudge four Joeys.

So, how was your week??

And if you know Joey... ask him to get in touch, we have questions.


As always... the Admins are watching.

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