Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January, day 2.

Yesterday Action Man and I banned the girls from going upstairs and we CLEANED their room. It's much easier to do that effectively without two girls lurking and muttering about how precious that tiny scrap of paper is, or how they can't live without that particular broken bead necklace.

The result - the truck is FULL. I mean FULL.

Oddly, it appears that the bedroom has swallowed any gaps. It's very hard to tell how ruthless we were! I find that amazing.

Once the room and wardrobe were suitably thinned*... as in every freaking little scrap of rubbish bagged and gone (I fear Squealer may become a horder if left to her own devices, she keeps EVERYTHING.) and toys that I never want to see again were disposed of we turned our attention to the wardrobe in The Boy Wonders room. (Let's not speak of his room, it's really just an electronic filled cave where clothes go to die.)
In his wardrobe are boxes of books that belong to The Prodigal Son, a few boxes of books that belong to Action Man... two old suitcases, and Action Man's old suits... they're brown (why, you have to ask, but only if you don't know Action Man... let's just say that Squealer gets her hording ability from someone and it's not me.)

We got the Action Man box out of The Boy Wonder's wardrobe. It's a CRT monitor box... yep, that big! It's full of Action Men and equipment. We took it downstairs and let the girls choose an 'action' figure each and some gear. All the rest were dressed etc and tidily put in the box. The spare clothes and equipment, bagged. I did switch my Action Man doll (called Joe) for Max Steel... because Breezy drew all over Joe's face years ago and it wouldn't come off!! So, now I have Max on my desk, and Joe is back in the box.

Later today the box is going to Beck's for the boys - they're also getting some hot wheels trick tracks that the girls don't use any more. It'll be like Christmas - actually better than Christmas, this stuff is the ultimate in cool. Which reminds me I should photograph it all before it goes. There's even a Michael Jones All Black doll in there. Which reminds me I saw his other boot and his rugby ball in the Bratz box. I should go find that.

Max Steel

The Action Man box.

Right, now to decide on today's fun! Probably will involve calling Carolyn and discussing our packing for the small plane flight on Friday. Small plane - travel light.

* Thinned as far as possible, as MOST of the stuff that wasn't toys in that wardrobe belongs to Action Man... and despite him having NOT fly fished in 18 yrs he will not give up his gear (boxes and boxes of gear), nor will he give up the toy crane (that's about a meter tall) that he's NEVER played with and has had for about 15 yrs. And I'm pretty sure the katana is still there along with all the other ninja stuff. So, you know, a girl can only do so much!
Oh yeah, there is a box marked BCR - that belongs to me and another small box full of photos and negatives and the kids Plunket books and so forth.

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