Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's taken days to do this...

It really has taken days.

I open blogger and think I want to write a blog and it turns out I don't. Bugger.

Today I've been working. Writing. Been kinda fun.
Was messing around with databyte and fiddling with psychobyte and writing.

And now I'm not.

I might do it all again tomorrow... or not. I don't know what any given day will bring at the moment, so it's a case of playing everything by ear.

There was talk of 'big things' happening late Jan early Feb (a few months back) to do with The _byte series, promises of greatness and so forth. I haven't heard anything since and to be perfectly honest I don't expect to. So, that's that then.

If you're sight-impaired and loan talking books from the Royal New Zealand Blind Foundation library you should be able to get killerbyte very soon. (Maybe even now)
I got the email saying that the RNZBF were producing killerbyte last week. I have no idea how long it takes to produce a book the size of killerbyte into audio files... so could be now or could be soon.
Exciting stuff.

I feel like giving something away.
I'd giveaway some e versions of killerbyte BUT I have fucked up copies. Yes, that's right, I do. Somehow files were switched. So the ePub and kindle copies of killerbyte I have to give away contain errors that the original and paperback don't. Sigh.
The uploaded file was fixed but I wasn't sent the updated (which ideally should've been the original) version.

Maybe I'll giveaway some copies of terrorbyte.

Maybe I will.

Probably on Twitter and Facebook - so if you want one you might wanna head over there later and have a look.

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