Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's almost the end...

Of school for the year... not the world, silly.

Unfortunately the predicted end of the world according to the Mayans is probably going to be a fizzer just like the Rapture... and I really wanted to see piles of clothing left on footpaths all over as people were zapped to a rapturously 'better place'... alas, those buggers are still here.

Today I spent two hours hand sewing a doll dress using tiny stitches and yes all the seams are properly finished... it won't be falling apart anytime soon. Hopefully the doll will last a good long while too. (I made the doll the week before last, yes, that's right, made it.)
Will post pictures after Christmas - the doll is a gift.
By the time I was done this morning I'd watched listened  3 episodes of Human Target season 2. Needed to be doing something while I stitched stabbed myself with the freaking needle over and over again.

Once the dress was done, doll clothed, boxed, and wrapped I turned my attention to Soundbyte.

Edits came back this morning. So I read for the next three hours. I read, I laughed, I agreed, I disagreed, I laughed, I agreed, I laughed. That's pretty much how it went. I only disagreed with one thing. But I'm not budging on it. :)
Then I pondered over the email that came with the edits...
And I copied the file, and I moved an entire chapter, and discovered it doesn't work - like my editor thought it might. What it did was screw the timeline completely and wreck an important subplot.
No doubt my subconscious will play with the suggestion some more until it either comes up with a way of bringing the diamonds forward or decides they're exactly where they're supposed to be.
Cryptic enough for ya?

It's hot and wet here today. This is unpleasant. Summer should be hot and dry.
We've had constant rain all day.
I'm less than impressed.

Also, I've run out of sticky tape!! Who runs out of sticky tape at this time of year? What the hell? If it wasn't so hot I'd go get some more... but it is hot, so, it'll have to wait.

This time next week the living room will be littered with wrapping paper and the house will smell like roast turkey.
I love turkey.
I love it best when it's stuffed with a chicken. :)

PS. The Admins... they watch.

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