Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29th

Been a busy few days since Christmas Eve... lots has happened. Santa came. Presents were opened. Turkey, chicken, salads, Trifles, chocolate chip log, chocolates and wine have been consumed. Crackers were cracked, crappy prizes were won. :)

Of course there are still parcels outstanding thanks to the uselessness that is New Zealand Post. Things arrive in the country and are delivered to the International Mail Center in Auckland... sadly that's often the end of the journey OR parcels are then forced to drag themselves painstakingly down the highways and by-ways until they manage to find their own way to their intended destination.

Welcome to mail delivery NZ style.
It's not a new shit service, it's the same shit service I've (and many many others) have been complaining about for years. Just seems that things go missing/never arrive more and more these days.


In case you didn't know the #WheresMyMail hashtag used in Flashbyte came about because I got so annoyed at NZPost and their constantly shite service that one of the story threads in Flashbyte has a postal connection.

Sadly, I wrote Flashbyte over a year ago and things have gotten worse not better... seems unbelievable that we can't rely on the national postal carrier to do what we pay them to do!

Apart from cursing the postal service (or lack of)... I've also been working in-between spending time with the kids, Action Man and the hounds.
Yesterday we took the kids to the zoo then came home and walked the hounds (because they aren't allowed at the zoo... seems wrong, but there you have it!).
Today we went shopping (I'm not in the best of moods -so shopping was a pain in the proverbial.), walked the hounds and then I took Breezy to the park.
We couldn't stop and play while walking the hounds because Squealer was freaking out over bees... I'm not in the mood for specialness today, it just plain pissed me off every time she flinched or squeaked or freaked out over every fucking bee that dared fly anywhere within 100 meters of her. Over it.

Meanwhile, we have another Christmas dinner tomorrow night - no crackers this time though. But there will be two trifles and a large chicken.

Right about now a bottle of Shiraz is speaking loudly to me from the pantry...

But it's got nothing to do with this gorgeous beast... one of the pictures Action Man took at the zoo yesterday.  :)

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