Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and all is... okay I suppose

The kids are whiny. No surprises there.
It's hot.

We've played Mouse Trap - the board game, not the game Squealer played earlier when I found a little mouse while I was vacuuming. (Thanks Missy you fat grey fuzz ball.) I turned around and there was a young mouse on the floor. Young and wet, like it'd just been in a fat grey cat's mouth. The little mouse was not happy. Squealer reached down and picked it up by its tail and whipped it outside to a safe clump of grass by the pumpkin barrel.
Funny that she can pick up a mouse but freaks out when a bee is within 100 meters of her.

We braved the stupidmarket this morning - God it was hell.
Really, stupidmarkets on Christmas Eve must be what hell is like. So many people... makes you wonder where they all come from. They're not there the rest of the year. Do these people only eat at Christmas? I think we all know that's not true, 95% of them look like they've never ever ever missed a meal.

Decided to cook the turkey and enormous chicken tonight, once it cools down here a little. Christmas dinner tomorrow will be salad and cold meat for the first time ever. But really, I'm done cooking turkey on a stinking hot Christmas day. It's just not practical. Also, I'm done cooking on a stinking hot Christmas day. Would sooner whip up a few salads and enjoy the day.

Am currently hoping the fridge (in its never ending wisdom) doesn't freeze the trifles or the salad vege. It has a nasty habit of freezing everything. The fridge is a pain in the ass.

This afternoon I copied all the photos from this year off my laptop to several DVD's - time to get ready to start again with photos and so forth. Now there is a nice empty picture folder waiting.

I shall make the shortbread I've been putting off making for the last few days in a few minutes... or maybe I'll just make the choc chip log for tomorrow and stuff those huge birds with delicious stuffing.

Guess I better go make the stuffing!

Have a very Merry Christmas xx

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