Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Or the ramblings of a tired mind...

It's Sunday morning. I've been at my desk since 4am and to be honest nothing much has changed since 4... except it's light out and sunny now.

Action Man is off to do action type things. He moved the truck up to the front door to make loading his heavy gear bags easier. (They really are heavy, I doubt I could get any off the ground let alone across the yard and into the truck.)

The kids pool is full of water - in anticipation of the heat of the day.

Romeo is asleep on the floor by my desk... it's already too hot on his bed.

Mostly today will be spent doing nothing much. I found something I needed this morning, or more accurately I found a way of depicting something I need to depict and after creating the image I went and played with it a little. Now it's exactly how it needs to be. That was fun. Now I can tick that off my list.
My stock image folder is filling up nicely. It's really handy having a green screen around.

 I think the 2012 Christmas story is finally finished. I sent it to Action Man's kindle. Hopefully he'll give it a read tomorrow on the way home from work.

Since my birthday on Wednesday - I have spent my nights watching Keen Eddie  (Which was part of my birthday present from Action Man.). Turns out it's not just me who likes it. Squealer has been enjoying the episodes too. Although I have to say some of the humor is lost on her. (Thank God!) I'm fully expecting her to come out with "I'm Squealer, how do you like me so far?" any minute.

Yesterday was Action Man's work Christmas party - "a family fun day" - it took Squealer 3 hrs to warm up to the location/people and we were told no dogs and someone bought their rat dog on a string and we left Romeo at home - that did not sit well with Squealer. Romeo is who keeps her calm in new situations.
3 hours and several meltdowns... during which time I drank 3 glasses of wine... made for a long afternoon. True to form Squealer refused all Santa's attempts to get her to sit on his knee or even stand close to him... even though Action Man was a reindeer and right there!
Next time we're not asking if Romeo can come - we're just taking him.
End of story.
Once the thaw set in we got a few pics...

Action Man, Breezy and Squealer 15/12/12

Breezy age 7

The view from the top of Wainui hill 15/12/12

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