Friday, November 9, 2012

Whoa it's Friday already.

The last 3 weeks have been a bit of a blur, a good blur full of laughter, family, and old friends, but still a blur.

My eyes are tired. My brain is tired. Squealer and Breezy are tired. Even Romeo is tired. (Although, to be fair, he is a greyhound and as such he sleeps a lot anyway, so determining his tiredness level isn't easy.)

Yesterday I sent the Soundbyte ms back to my editor at Rebel. I had intended it to go back about a week earlier but Action Man was slow reading, in the end I gave up waiting - he was only reading in small lots during his morning/evening commute. Time... ticking...

It's not like he's now devoid of reading material. I loaded databyte to his kindle and asked him to read that. (He's already read Soundbyte anyway - he read it before I sent it to Rebel to start with - but I don't think on this read that he read far enough to get to the new chapters but that doesn't impact the next book anyway, really...)
Will be interesting to see if he enjoys databyte. 

Meanwhile I am re-vamping a byte story I wrote after the first draft of Exacerbyte (and that was quite some time ago now)... a lot has happened in Ellie's world since then. There's a whole new team member to be included! So, anyway, I thought it would be fun to rip half the story out (the rest I'm discarding) and to turn it into something. A novella possibly. It's been named Psychobyte 5.1. It's being re-written to fit between Soundbyte and Databyte. There is something that is referenced in databyte that might be fun to write - and Psychobyte 5.1 is the perfect place for it. Also, something happens in Soundbyte that needs to be worked through in more depth than there's time to do in Databyte. (Okay a few things happen, so it seems this extra story is just the thing to explore a few issues PLUS I've always loved the raven story in this old ms, so maybe you will too.)

Looking forward to #WritersPlot tomorrow. (Yep, I totally hash-tagged in a blog.)
We have a special Christmas Challenge starting... such fun.

What plans do you have for the weekend??

Oh yeah, last weekend Action Man bought me my birthday present (yes early) so I can Instagram now!! How wankilicious. And such good timing, seems my camera is being a pain in the ass.)
You can follow me at catconnorauthor (because my name was already taken, WTF? lol).
Possibly the most boring photos ever... :-)

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