Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Because it's already Thursday here, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.
Enjoy your turkey and enjoy your pumpkin pie!
(Both of which I love... and won't be having. For one thing it's almost summer  - pumpkins are well past their best and then there's the  turkey which is ridiculously expensive here.)

I am, however, thankful.

I really am.

So I figured a list was in order - but not necessarily in order.

Things I am thankful for:

Freedom to do as I like (within the bounds of the law, obviously) and say what I want to say without fear.
Good food, clean water, and a warm dry home.
Living in a country that is not being bombed.
My family and friends.
(Special mention - The Admins who are always up for fun and a challenge! And Action Man who has become my beta reader extraordinaire.)
The internet.
Opportunities that have come along, especially hosting 'A Writer's Plot'. It's so much fun!!
The large hound who has been part of our family for 18 months now.
My publishers and their belief in me.
Sunny days.
And Ellie for telling me her stories even when I don't always want to hear them.
And other stuff that I will no doubt think of once I've hit 'publish'...

Now I'm off to the park with a couple of hounds who need a walk. :)

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