Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, really, just like that!

It's almost Sunday afternoon. I haven't blogged since Tuesday (well not here anyway) and feel a slight twinge of guilt about it.
Slight, let's not get carried away...

It's been a busy week.
As you would expect I suppose.

On Thursday morning Breezy got sick. She woke up and said her neck was a little sore. I made a doc appt straight away - sore necks in kids scare me.
 An hour later she couldn't move and looked like crap.
Rang the doc back and got the nurse (eventually, when she rang me back...) I told her Breezy had become sicker and very quickly and her response was "What do you want us to do about it?"
I hung up and called an ambulance.
Fuck that nurse pisses me off - she's the same old bat that scared the shit out Squealer over her orange asthma inhaler... and when Breezy had a sudden reaction to an antibiotic also asked "What do you want us to do about it?"
Really? Health professional? I think fucking not.

So anyway spoke to clinician - we decided whatever Breezy had it wasn't immediately life threatening, despite the sudden on set.(No other symptoms at that point.)
Breezy wanted her daddy to come home. So he did. We took her to the doctor - did NOT see that fucking evil nurse but one who actually does know what she's doing and then the doc.
Seems Breezy contracted a virus which caused Wry neck. (The same thing happened to The Boy Wonder when he was about 8 I think - he remembers it vividly because he was in so much pain.)
By that night (with lots of pain relief)she was semi-comfortable, still couldn't really move, and had a sore throat as well.
Yesterday she was able to walk around and play, although was very tired. Today she seems back to normal and hasn't needed any pain relief.

So that was the end of the week... nothing much got done. Breezy took most of my time.

Apart from looking after the sick child I've done a lot of baking... and very little writing.

Action Man is currently reading databyte.

And the Prodigal Son told me he thinks flashbyte could be the best byte so far. (While he was home from the UK for a holiday I gave him his signed copy, after all I did write it for him.)

Now to rescue the cherry pie and apple pie from the oven....

hope you've all had a fabulous weekend.



Tara said...

How scary Cat!!!! Glad to hear that she is okay now though.

When do I get to read the new _bytes!? How long are you going to keep a girl hanging??

tara xx

Cat Connor said...

Was indeed scary!

I am just waiting for the next round of edits to come back and then I'll fire copies off to you and Michelle - for your much valued opinion.


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