Monday, November 5, 2012

Good grief… its November 5, 2012.

Seems like a damn fast year.

Then I thought about what I’ve done this year.

My first real public speaking engagement.
Did a couple of interviews.
My fourth byte book was released.
Another public speaking engagement.
Began hosting “A Writer’s Plot” at the library.
Did a few more interviews.
Met some very cool people. Dealt with some oddballs. But all in all it’s been a lot of fun hosting A Writer’s Plot.
Wrote the 5th byte novel - soundbyte.
Wrote a short for Tales of the Nun & Dragon by Fox Spirit. (The Bells of Freedom)
Found out that the Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind are producing killerbyte as a talking book for the blind.
Wrote a short for Biohazard 2012 by Beanpods Press. (Dying ain’t much of a living.)
Wrote the 6th byte novel - databyte. (Involved some interesting research!)
Signed contract for Soundbyte.
Was asked if I would write a screenplay… learned how to write for TV and wrote my first screenplay based on a short story of mine - it’s a pilot for a TV series. (Working on the rest of the series now - so much fun. Love that I can use as many snipers, explosions, guns, fight scenes, chases as I feel like using… yeah, action!)
Finished the first round of edits for Soundbyte - and am almost ready to send the ms back to my lovely editor at Rebel ePublishers.
Tracked down by a journalist and asked to write a 140-character tweet story for the newspaper. (Fun!)
Started ANOTHER byte novel. (dammit)
Asked to write for another Fox Spirit anthology - decided to write a Fox and Fae story because I'm not that fond of Minotaur's.
I’ve also run a few competitions this year and given away a lot of books.
Heard what plans Rebel have for me in the coming year... pretty exciting stuff happening folks! Stay tuned. :)

Not bad… especially considering I was going to take most of this year off. Yeah that didn’t happen.
I did other stuff too - regular type parent stuff/family stuff and hung out with friends as much as possible.
And some not so good stuff happened but I discovered that the bad shit made me appreciate the really good stuff a whole lot more.

All in all… I’ve had a lot of fun so far this year. Caught up with old friends, made new friends, spent time with people who make me smile and laugh a whole lot, also have produced a fair bit of work. 

That was pretty much my year (minus the bits I'm not sharing), how's your's been??

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