Monday, October 22, 2012

The Tweet story competition!

The tweet story competition:

The object of the game is to tell a story in ONE tweet (140 characters or less), hashtags are allowed.
Profanity should be kept to a minimum.

Post your ‘tweet story’ in the comments section of this blog with your twitter name  and TWEET the blog link, make sure you add @catconnor and @Jhoustonturner to the tweet so we know you’ve entered! 

Do not tweet your story. Post it here. :)

The competition will run for 7 days. That’s it. 7 days. Then we (Turner and I) will choose the winners. That might take us a few days - so we’ll let you know when we’re done!

The winners - that’s right, plural, will receive electronic copies of a James Houston Turner Talanov novel and a Cat Connor Byte series novel.

There is no restrictions on who may enter.
One story per comment.
Up to FIVE entries per person.

Competition is OPEN from Monday October 22 until Sunday October 29.

Example of a tweet story:
7 times the door slammed. The last bang caused a spine-chilling scream. Prying the door open, fingers fell to the floor. #lessonlearned

Please note:
We need to be able to get hold of the winners and will contact them via twitter, so make sure you ‘sign’ your entry with your twitter name!

For more about James Houston Turner and his signature hero, the "dark and sexy" Aleksandr Talanov click here 

For more about Cat Connor and her signature heroine, the “intuitive and beautiful” Ellie Conway click here 


Anonymous said...

"Crime does not pay, or so they say. I on the other hand think it rewards rather handsomely. I swooped up the diamond ring & slipped it on."


Matt said...

The king returned to find the princess pregnant with her chastity belt still intact. It was a locked womb mystery.


Jim Boutcher said...

Sensing shadows draping his feet, he snapped a glance over his shoulder into the light, missing the darkness beneath, tumbling abyssward.

Jim Boutcher said...

The dreaming priest emerged victorious the moment he took his first step away and toward.

@mangetout (for both of these, sorry for clumsy, hurried fingers).

Susan Haniel said...

He suppressed his uneasiness and searched for the words to say “No.” But it was too late. The car salesman had already smelt his self-doubt.

Sweet Gallagher said...

It's the dead of night, and we stared deep in to the eyes of the moon. Together we sat on the edge of the world. Your touch, my apocalypse.


Inglorious Barsteward said...

"It is with great regret and deep shame that I resign this post," the Minister began. His phone began to ring. It would not stop that day.


Chanin Bissinger said...

Her lover had been dead only a day.She already missed so many things about him. It was difficult to kill him but she did what she had to do.


Denise Ferragamo said...

She loved him with all her heart. Soulmates, they said. Washing blood from the hammer, she realized that not all stories have a happy end.

Anonymous said...

Movie-star beautiful, but she just lay there, not moving, not making a sound. Zip up, unfinished. World's worst whorehouse: Madame Tussauds.

Ruthanne Reid said...

"Make lemonade now, losers," said the last lemon tree, and it pulled up its roots and died.


46 and a dad again ! said...

His last meal was over. Now, restrained and prepared. The woman, red eyed sat behind thick glass. Although innocent he would die today.


Martha Ellen Smith said...

Sudden decision to go shopping saved her life; the house burned to the ground. Handsome fire marshall could be "the one" she's been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Sleep Intruded Nightmares collided threads coiling tying him 2 his bed Turning straining. Awoken from halfsleep the vampire walks

Anonymous said...

First date. Shower – check. Shave - check. New jeans – check. Flowers – check. Breath-mints - check. Rohypnol – check. Cable-ties – check.


Anonymous said...

Think movies made me a violent person? Really think that? Well, soon as I take my boot off your throat you can get up and try to prove it..


Anonymous said...

The 1st car was my earliest one -recognised the license plate.The 2nd one had a younger version of me driving.The 3rd was heading towards me


Anonymous said...

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and released it. With one last look at her husband she let the gun drop to the floor. Then she left..


Chanin Bissinger said...

Sadie's grandmother's ghost visited often.Sadie falls in love with a woman and disapproving grandma does her best to wreck the relationship.


Cat Connor said...

The competition is now closed. Judging will begin in a few days - then Turner and I will notify the winners.

Thank you all for the fabulous entries!

Cat xx

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