Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The teleplay with no name and other stuff

Most of you (maybe just some of you) know that I'm writing a TV pilot at the moment.
It's a helluva lot of fun. More fun than I thought it would be. It helps that I can use explosions, snipers, gun play, fights, etc... yeah, the cool stuff.
And comments like this one re-snipers, really make me smile and add to the fun.
"I can't even transcribe the sound that I just made.. I like them. Very much. If you don't know what to add, add more snipers."

Round about the beginning of Act 3, it got a little harder... so walked away for a few hours. Came back, sat down, and wrote the story as I saw it, at that moment. Just writing it out, with no dialogue turned up something I hadn't considered and suddenly I was back on track.

Also, I'm loving Trelby. It's simple things that make a program good to use... for example, opening a file and having it go to where you left off. That's fucking brilliant.

Oh yeah, I signed the contract for Soundbyte (took awhile to materialize due to Rebel being super busy) but now that's signed I can relax a little bit... and wait for the first round of edits. Oh the fun. (No, not sarcastic at all, I happen to LOVE this phase of writing. It's the easiest part, all the hard work has already been done - that was writing the ms to start with... hauling 100,000+ words from the ether and assembling into some semblance of order, isn't always easy - but it is always fun.)

What else?
Well the members of the workshop I host "A Writer's Plot" have just finished their 50K challenge month. This is the biggest body of work any of them have attempted. And it's been a giant learning curve for all of them and interesting for me to watch.
We will be doing another 50K soon, and then again in January (I'll do the January one with whoever is still keen.)

Meanwhile ...

It's school holidays.

Need I say more??

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