Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second day of the second week of the helidays.

No, that's NOT a spelling mistake. These holidays are rather hellish. Spring, ha! Well, to be fair, most of last week was springish, this week not so much...

So, how is everyone?
This is my interested caring face so make the most of it ... yeah, that's as good as it gets.

Today is my daughters birthday. (Which one you ask? Daughter number 2.)

Romeo is unpleasant to be around this morning, I suspect it's the roast veges he ate last night with his roast pork and apple sauce. It's not that Ro is a spoilt dog, it's just that he expects to eat what we eat and if his dinner doesn't smell like ours (or the deliciousness he smelt cooking all afternoon) he probably won't eat it. Yeah, maybe, roast pork with all the trimmings is going too far and the requirement for a gas mask this morning serves me right. Unless you have a greyhound, you probably don't get just how special they are. So don't judge me! :)

Hmmm, well, I'm pretty sure there are some kindle notes I need to go over with the databyte ms. VERY close to being able to send this to Action Man's kindle for a read now. Now, that's exciting. Could've sent it last week... but decided to tweak little bits, because I can. Yes, it's an illness. I'll finish reading it and then fire it off to him by the weekend. So he can read it on the train next week. I have to get the timing right, because I can really only get him to read it once. I need fresh eyes.

Also, today, I probably should get some work done on this script. Not the pilot, am waiting for Graeme to get back to me before I do anything else to that. But the second episode. I'll be using Trelby later. Big fun. :)
Still no closer to coming up with a title. Oddly enough I have 9 episode titles... but no title for the pilot or overall name.

A reminder you have until 10/10 (that's tomorrow) to download a free copy of Torrent (use this code at the check out KY49G). 
Torrent: Torrent is a collection of short _byte stories that add insight and depth to Special Agent Ellie Conway and her team, Delta A. If you've ever wondered what happens before or after any of the Byte novels then this is the collection for you. Maybe you want answers to the burning questions about how Ellie meet Mac, why she disliked her mother so much, how exactly does she know Judge Hartwell, what really happened to Santa and what really happened to Mac? 
Also, if you've never met Ellie this is a great way to become acquainted with a kick-ass heroine and her psycho-prophetic ways. 
That's about all from me this morning.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Remember: The Admins - they watch!

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