Monday, October 29, 2012


 Thanks to @keithbwalters I’ve been tagged in this blog game which involves searching your current WIP for the word ‘look’ and posting the surrounding paragraphs (then tagging another 5 writers to do the same – the WIP can be a short story, a poem, a novel, whatever you’ve got…)

This is from Soundbyte (due out in May 2013 from Rebel ePublishers)

I slid off my bed and dragged on my cowboy boots.
“Psst,” I hissed.
“What?” Noel whispered from the edge of the front window. He tweaked the cruddy curtain and peered out the small gap he created.
“Who is it?”
“Can see a back. Staggering. Looks drunk.”
I had two seconds to wonder what a drunk back looked like.
Crash. Glass smashed and sliced the curtains as it fell into the room from the window on the far left of the door.
“Another male,” Noel said still watching. “Don’t know where he came from but he threw the first guy at our window.”
 I was glad I’d put my boots on as more glass fell. There was another loud crash, an arm smashed through jagged glass in the window. Blood sprayed. Both men were yelling at each other. An undertone in one of their voices sounded familiar. I picked him as a Virginian. 

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GClarkHellery said...

Thank you for including me! Am just doing it now. Sadly I'm not working on anything at the moment (sssh don't tell NaNoWriMo, I"m a late starter) so am posting from Nun and Dragon :-)

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