Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just because...

Because I'm having a day off and am quite lost... 

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I saw this on my FaceBook timeline this morning. 

And it's all kinds of cool.

Graeme came and picked up the first draft of the screenplay yesterday afternoon.

Is this the coolest picture of a screenplay ever, or what?

Meanwhile - I really don't know what to do with myself today. 

And it's raining, a lot. So running Romeo is out of the question... not that he minds rain but the kids are not keen.

I did have a really good talk with my publisher this morning. They have some awesome promo stuff lined up for me... exciting!! It's all geared around Soundbyte. 
Very cool.

So, it's a wet Thursday, and a day off. 

I did have to contact Fishpond this morning and tell them my order did not arrive. How sucky is that? I ordered a replacement copy of Flashbyte on Aug 21st - it's now October 4th... still no book.

Go get yourself a free collection of Byte shorts. :)

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