Friday, October 12, 2012

I can't quite reach my glass from here

Friday evening came around a lot quicker than expected.

I spent all morning working, took Romeo and the kids to the park, then spent all afternoon working. Bang, there went my day.

It wasn't a bad day, I mean, hello, I'm a writer - makes work kinda fun. :)

It was the last official day of the spring holidays. School is back on Monday.
You could say I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is A Writer's Plot day.
I made my notes and it turned out to be 10 pages.
That's a lot of talking.
A LOT of talking.

Might need to take a bottle of water with me. :)

This week started with a fun conversation with a friend in the US. Even if he only heard every third word I said (there was some lag) it was fun. Toward the end of the conversation there was lag in both directions so I was missing some of his words too.
I'll just make em up. It'll be all good.

I also found myself kicking another friends ass regarding her writing. Yep, it was time for some tough love and a reminder to get the fuck on with the writing and stop with the obsessing.

Tonight, Action Man came home with a stupid grin on his face.
Turns out he'd been standing in the middle of the road with Tara, man hugging etc etc. Tara is in a gang, has been for years. But I don't see that side of him - except of course when he rocks down the street wearing his patch.
I see the kid who couldn't handle his booze. I see the kid who was my brothers best friend. I see the kid who was at the door at 3 a.m. back in July 1983 saying "there's been an accident."
The kid grew into a man. He'd be the first to say he made some bad choices and he did, no doubt about that. But the kid who was always there became the man who was always there. He never forgot. Not ever. Didn't matter what happened in his life. He NEVER forgot. Tara has looked out for me forever.
Tonight, Tara's drinking with the boys down the end of the street (it has the potential to end badly) and he met Action Man in the middle of the road. He told him how we used to hang out together, how he was always treated like part of the family...
Then in true Tara fashion he looked up at Action Man (while their hands are clasped together) and says, "Fuck you're tall."


Karen from Mentor said...

have a couple of those in my life. love em to death....wouldn't let them date a friend.

I'm a big fan of non sequiturs -- drunk or sober -- and hey, he was just proving he was observant.

Cat Connor said...

He's moving soon, but I know he'll always be watching (not in a creepy way). :)

I see you...

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