Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A milestone of sorts

I guess it is a milestone - writing wise.
I finished my first screenplay at lunchtime today. It's now printed, bound, and sitting on my desk waiting for me to read it and start mucking around with scenes and dialogue. It's nice to have it 'finished' by finished at this point were talking a complete first draft.

There is something quite important missing though.
Yep, it doesn't have one. I think it probably will once we've read it through a few times and tossed ideas about, but right now. It's Untitled Screenplay by Cat Connor. 
Which funnily enough I'm okay with. Let's face it databyte was known as unnamedbyte novel for quite some months as I messed about trying to find a title the fitted while I was writing it. Took me until 3/4 through before databyte came along and actually made sense.

Now that the screenplay has ended and enjoyably so (for me)... I need to grab my kindle and fix the things I noticed last night in databyte. It's almost ready to land on Action Man's kindle, and trust me when I say... I don't want to hear about missing words or extra words every five fucking minutes or for that matter him querying the American spelling. So before he gets it to read, I need to find as many of those annoying little fucking pain in the ass things (that go wrong within a ms) as possible. Because he's SUPPOSED to read for the story content and flow etc not annoying-little-pain-in-the-ass-things-like-fucking-commas. :) The thing is Action Man is excellent at proof reading but he can be way way too pedantic and any little oddness (extra a or the) will throw him out of the story.
Amazing really - I have the cheek to complain about the way he reads my work when for YEARS he wouldn't read anything. Ha!
Seriously people, if you have a man who doesn't read get him a kindle... he'll read.

Right, time to go do something houseworky, despite the strapped wrist - because neither dog nor children give a toss about such things.

Also, I need it done so I can get my kindle and go over last nights notes.

I wrote a screenplay.
Fuck that's awesome to say.
I might say it again shortly....

hang on...

I wrote a screenplay.

Yep, it's still cool.

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