Thursday, October 11, 2012


A blog post with just the date... it's early I can't be thinking of titles!

Of course in the US the date would be 10/11/12 - which is somewhat cooler than 11/10/12. But both seem to be amusing me. (It's early, let's use that as an excuse, shall we?)

Yesterday I was deep in edit land. Which I do enjoy - so that's awesome. Good thing I enjoy it, cos I'll be in this land for at least a week - with this go-round.

Also, I tweaked the screenplay. I don't seem to be able to come up with titles at the moment, it's changed a bit now though... now it's the 'Untitled pilot'. Maybe next time I mess with it, it will actually get a name?
But in saying that, there may not be that much more tweaking/messing/playing with it to be done. Heard yesterday that Graeme is pretty happy with it. (Big plus!)

Currently I'm about 7 pages into episode 2. (Yeah, I know, that's what it's called at the moment. Sigh.)
Am enjoying writing for television. It's fun. It's fast. It's quite different to writing a novel. Maybe learning the process has something to do with my enjoyment. It's all new and therefore a challenge.

No prizes for guessing what song was in my head when I woke up this morning... but I bet a few of you could guess. It's My Life.
Great start to the day, waking up with Bon Jovi in my head at 4:45 a.m.

Today I need to collate some notes for Saturday's Writer's Plot. We're talking editing... how topical. No, not really, kinda planned it this way. It'll be a bit of a show and tell, two manuscripts in various stages of edits. One will make more sense than the other to everyone.
Really good to see that my Plotters didn't hit 50K and stop. They're working on finishing their stories. Awesome!
So far this year has been busy and very stressful at times - but I am delighted to have had the opportunity to inspire motivate kicked-ass encourage 20 people to write!

Right, have a fun day people.

I'll be around (I usually am) you can say hi (here or on Twitter - @catconnor) am always happy to have a chat.

Remember  -where ever I am there are also Admins. :)

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