Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When it's done... then what?

On Sunday evening I wrote those delightful last words "The End" at the bottom of the databyte manuscript.
Yesterday I went through the manuscript and give it a quick dirty edit... phrase of the moment, go with it.
Last night I read about 80% of the book. (God I love my Kindle.)

Today I'm a little bit lost.

This happens. It's normal. But, in saying that, I've never gotten used to it.

It's such a huge thing to take a single sentence and write a novel from it... it's energy consuming. It's life consuming. It's joyful, heartbreaking, fun, terrifying, and now complete.

So now what?

What do you do when something that was so much a part of your year ends?

This has been a long road, longer than the last two novels... it spent a long time bashing about in my head while I tried to figure out if I wanted to write it. Then when I decided I did and a new character emerged - there was some resistance from me because I was again stepping out of my comfort zone and did I really wanted to bring a new character? The other fairly big point was - was there a story there at all?... To be honest, I don't know when I start writing what the story is about or how it's going to play out.

And the sentence that started the ball rolling turned out to be the opening line of Chapter Two.
For the curious... that sentence is.
"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!"
It became apparent fairly quickly that I'd started too late in the story.
So a new first chapter unfolded.

And then it all fell into place, like magic.

So, now I'm ahead of myself.

Soundbyte is due out in May 2013.
Databyte is a finished first draft (to be honest, after reading it, it's more like a second or third draft).

So now I'm lost.

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