Friday, September 21, 2012

Time is on my side...

That song popped up in databyte and has stuck with me this week.
Not entirely sure why that song has been rolling around my head all week but no doubt all will become clear eventually.


Big excitement today - the mail came! And now it's only one parcel I'm waiting for. The #wheresmymail hash tag from flashbyte is still going!

Today I baked my birthday cake. The fruitcake. It was too much cake for the square tin, had to go with the big round one after all. Disappointing because I really wanted a square cake. I'll add extra booze, that'll make it all worthwhile.
Four and a half hours of smelling the cake cook.
Fabulous! It's like Christmas in our house today. Fruitcake baking and then I made trifle.
Such fun.
Crossing fingers that the trifle doesn't freeze - the fridge is temperamental to say the least.

Tomorrow night is our birthday celebration/themed dinner for Admin One. Am looking forward to it.

Most of this week has been spent going back over databyte and 'editing', you know, adding all those little things I glossed over in the first draft. Still no poem. But I know it's brewing away and will come crashing out once I finish tweaking the new guys personality. This is the part I love the most. Little things I missed or weren't quite clear to me earlier are becoming apparent. There's more to the new guy than I thought. He's surprised me a few times now, and I suspect he'll do so a few more before we're done.

Hoping to send this off to Action Man's kindle for the first read next week.
We'll see how he likes it...

That'll be fun. It's always a little nerve wracking when my work gets it's first reading.
You've probably seen little bits, the odd paragraph or line... but no one has read this book as a whole living breathing entity yet.

Meanwhile - stuff needs doing, so I should do it, right?

Also, I'd really rather like a glass of wine - but I also need to make a phone call in about 4 hours to North Carolina, so maybe not the wine!

Was a rather stressful week, but we're still here, so it's all good!


PS. My Writer's Plotters should be 3/4 through their 50K challenge now. How exciting is that?? :)

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