Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There's days...

And then there are DAYS.

This is starting to feel like one of those weeks... it's full of freaking DAYS.

On Sunday night I got some much needed help from Twitter in the form of some very positive tweets from @Catherine_edits  and also a crazy assed Skype conversation from a good friend in Auckland who added her twenty cents to the mix... thank you Cathy. Obviously it was a Catherine kinda day!
But because of the two Catherine's I got 15 questions about the content of Flashbyte done and yesterday morning sent it all off to where it needs to be. (That's probably the hardest thing I've had to do so far, and I've been messing about in this industry for a few years now - I keep thinking, how hard can it be?...I keep discovering it's usually harder than I first thought, lol.)

Then yesterday I got a phone call (unrelated to the above) and it spun me out somewhat. Negativity gets to me after awhile, I'm fairly positive person but after hearing NOTHING but negativity... it does get in. Especially when I've been struggling with something myself.
Yes, that means I don't want your shit too. :)

Meanwhile I'm trying to write a poem for #databyte - if you've read my books you know there is a poem in each one, used to varying degrees within the actual story.
Well, databyte doesn't have one. It has a name (fairly recently), it has a chicken, it has quotes but it doesn't have a poem... why? Because I haven't written one.
Also, this will be the first byte book that doesn't have a dark poem attached to it... this is Ellie moving out of the dark space she's been in... I need to write something light and positive.

This morning I was talking to a group of my neighbors about something happening here. They're not positive things. We're talking the destruction of a community. And that sucks.
Can you feel that lightness flowing on in??
Nah, me neither.

Then in an act of pure dumbass... I found myself reading Mike's emails. I can't delete them. They're the last things we said to each other - not long after he went back to Australia and right before he died suddenly.

FYI don't read emails from a dead man when you're not having the best week, it really doesn't help.

On a much more positive note ... every time I get a text message I hear Christopher Chance's voice. It makes me smile, so my message tone will be staying for awhile. :)
It makes Action Man roll his eyes but he still finishes the sentence with Chance. ha!

And it's only Tuesday.
Which leads me to believe that this week has room for improvement.

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