Sunday, September 16, 2012

The weekend... da da daaaa

The weekend started by being just a little seedy... so I should probably back track to the actual beginning of the weekend.

Friday night:
Admins, catching up (we've all had busy weeks), and a freaking big bottle of port. Needless to say we caught up and also made plans for a cruise - yeah, I just remembered that. Something Admin One has always wanted to do, so we're doing it for her birthday in 3 years. (It's significant.)
That was Friday night.

The day started about 6 (think it was before 6 actually). I wasn't feeling too bad considering Friday night. Action Man and I went grocery shopping early. Too early to get a burger anywhere. And yes, I really wanted one. I ended up cooking burgers when we got home with the groceries. :) (Burgers at 9AM, awesome.) Boring stuff... blah blah... errands.
Then it was time to go to A Writer's Plot
I was told we'd be in the tea room at the library but we weren't. It worked quite well, actually. We even had enough tables and chairs this time. YAY.
I didn't make any notes for this meeting - first time ever! 
Only because everyone is writing their 50K novel, and we spent the time talking about what everyone was doing, and looking at various issues, and also talking about a couple of helpful books.
I did explain loglines - so will at some point write up some notes regarding the writing of log lines for everyone. 
It's something that comes in very handy when someone says, "What's your book about?"
It's good to be able to reply quickly and give the gist of the story.
For example my answer to anyone asking what I'm working on now... oh, no, that won't work. Not currently working on anything. (I know, I rarely get to say that, so am rather enjoying it!)
How about this one then? 
"What's databyte about?"
"Framed for the murder of her former brother-in-law and on the run with an actor, SSA Ellie Conway has to protect the actor from multiple threats while trying to clear her name."
So there you go, now you know in very general terms what databyte is about.
Saturday night was a bit of a wash to be honest, I went to bed before 8 and read. I think I was asleep before 9.

Early start again -and joyfully I got over an hour of peace and quiet before the kids woke up. Once they were awake it was all on and then some. 
We left home about 9AM to go into Wellington and see Madagascar 3 with Classic Hits. Really funny movie, 3D was awesome, although the giraffe got a bit close! Such a fun morning with the Smarts. I love how fabulous our kids are. :)
After the movie we went for a wee walk up Cuba Street and I remembered why I love Wellington so much. It's a great city. We took the kids to McD's for lunch... they loved their day. 
That about brings us to now.

Home... drinking coffee.
Thinking about the last few questions I need specific to Flashbyte.
Which as you all know is a story about SSA Ellie Conway and what happens when her covert past comes back to haunt her. 

This was some very early Sunday morning cuteness!

Also, one last thing.. I am so fucking sick of Telstraclear and their crap service! Our internet and TV have been dropping out a lot recently - today being the worst. To call them and find out what's going on means being prepared to sit on HOLD for 45 minutes... usually it takes 3 or 4 attempts before you get that far though as the system tends to drop calls. (Dropping calls, dropping internet... I sense a theme.)
You suck, telstra, you really do. Thoroughly disappointing service.

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