Friday, September 14, 2012

Say It Isn't So

It's Friday!
I am rather pleased by this.

It's been a loooonnnng week.

Mostly because of 'the end' - not of the world (we all know that won't happen until AFTER my birthday) - but of the first draft of databyte.
Those two very small words carrying an enormous amount of weight.
They tend to cause a certain amount of chaos. Chaos that I should be used to. (I've written those words a few times now.) Should be... but it always surprises me when it happens.

It's not like it's the absolute end.

There are still more Byte stories to tell.

Just not right now, thanks.

It's time for me to take a break - and every time I say that... another story pops up. Or more accurately another opening line. I've swatted a few out of the way this week already. It seemed kinda rude for new lines to start harassing me so soon after finishing databyte. Which is the second book I've written in a year... and really, that's enough! (Or it should be.) I would like Ellie to take a break - maybe go climb a mountain.

The thing is I also wrote a couple of short stories and one of those (the one that appears in Tales of the Nun and Dragon...) begs to be a much longer work. I can hear it whispering... the whispering is getting steadily louder and sounds awfully like Mike's voice - I do wish he didn't sound so Australian. :)

Tomorrow is a Writer's Plot day.
It'll be good to get everyone together and see how they're coping with their 50K challenge. From the word counts coming in it looks like a good percentage are on target or slightly ahead, that is marvelous. It's not easy writing 50K in a month when you have never ever done anything like that before (it's not that easy when you have!). Those that are lagging a little will catch there are still two weeks ahead of them in the challenge.
So very proud of how hard they're working!
Also, tomorrow we're going to play around with emotions - oh the fun. :)
I suppose I should finish reading the books I want to talk about tomorrow!!

If I could put my week in pictures it'd look kinda like this:

Obviously there was a lot of music involved in trying to re-group this week: Lorenza Ponce and Bon Jovi were my music choices for the week.
There were definitely times when I just needed to be entertained: Mark Valley's Human Target worked quite nicely. Also, Romeo - and his unstuffing of his cushion every few hours has been very entertaining. Must be spring, the dog is quite nuts at the moment!
I suspect the other images are self-explanatory.

The final straw in the insanity that was my week... having to re-read Flashbyte because I can't freaking remember exactly how that story unfolds. That's right, it's the madness of writing 2 books since flashbyte (which was only released in March...). I feel like I'm going backwards - but for a very good reason. If I can get my head back into Flashbyte then it's going to be a LOT easier doing a (possibly) upcoming radio interview. (Preliminary stuff being done right now - some of which includes me bashing my head on my desk!)

So, how was your week??

PS. Just a reminder... the Admins are ALWAYS watching.

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