Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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I don't shy away from telling anyone who asks why I write.
It's pretty simple really, it came about because I couldn't find anything to read  that wasn't a romance but still had a female protagonist (not ones that falls apart every two seconds, or need rescuing from something ridiculous, or who run down the middle of the road screaming when being chased by some asshole in a car... oh, no, wait that was how woman were portrayed in movies for the longest freaking time...).
I wanted a book that had strong characters like all the boys stories I'd read growing up. Seemed to me there was no reason why action, adventure, and guts were solely in male orientated stories... why should guys get all the fun? So unfair.
If you don't think women/girls can clean someone's clock then you probably never had a sister.

I've also been quite vocal about the lack of entertainment on our televisions of late. Really, it get's old fast... every time a good show starts it gets canned and replaced with reality shit TV.

So, it seems that maybe it's time to do something about it.

I would LOVE to pitch killerbyte but it's not a kiwi story, transplanting it wouldn't work so well... as Action Man tells me, 'they're awesome characters all of them but they wouldn't work as kiwis.' (Very few people would work as a flightless bird, just sayin')
We had a long conversation about characters and plot lines last night. Action Man HATES my kiwi novel (I'm not overly fond of it myself because it needs so much work and I'm lazy but I do kinda like the characters and the story...). He HATES them all. The more we talked about it, the more it seemed that he hated them because they were New Zealander's and it was set here in Upper Hutt. He hated the whole premise of the story. Really truly hated it.
Not very constructive of him, I have to admit. But he couldn't find anything redeeming at all.
It's kinda scary really that because something is set here with a kiwi cast... it enlists such a strong negative response. (Not to mention the immediate derisive sneer - all NZ produces is drama...)
My question was, "Would this work on television?"
He said no. Because he hates the characters. (Yet they're distinctive in-your-face characters... odd!)
Asking why (trying to get specifics) just became ridiculous. There was nothing he could pinpoint!
Ask him if the characters and plots from the_byte series would work on TV... and you get an overwhelming positive response... they'd work in TV and movies.


But slightly unhelpful.

I'm with him on the dislike of drama. I don't so much enjoy drama for the sake of it.
I need action. I like fast paced, exciting, funny, television. I don't like Shortland Street, and didn't enjoy Outrageous Fortune - I know, shock-fucking-horror, I'm the only person in the country who didn't watch OF and who doesn't watch SS.
(And try as I might, I didn't enjoy Hounds. I really wanted too, because I LOVE greyhounds but it didn't hold my attention.)
I also don't watch reality TV - so don't try talking to me about the-latest-fucking-cooking-show. ;-)

So what do I want to watch?

Action, humor, strong characters...

Watch this space!

(Also, after reading the script for the Human Target pilot... I'm glad they didn't go with Winston as a Brit.)


Mriceguy said...

Some TV recommendations for you Cat:

Breaking Bad
The Wire
The Shield

All of which are crime shows, have humour, action, and interesting multifaceted characters. :)

By the way, I hate commenting on Blogger. I've written this comment at least five times!

Cat Connor said...

Blogger gets annoying at times - should be easier now, turned off word verification - if the spammers come back I'll have to turn it back on though!

I saw the first few episodes of The Shield (way back)did not like it. Can't remember why exactly... think it was the characters though. :)

Mriceguy said...

I took a big break while watching season one of The Shield on DVD. Didn't think it was my cup of tea. Finally got around to finish watching it and I got into the series in a big way (still am actually).

As dirty cops it's hard to like Vic and the Strike Team at first but you begin to see their reasoning and who they are as people. And you also see that not everyone else is as clean as they might appear.

With TV you can't always write off a serial show after only a couple episodes (I've done it a dozen times!). Like a novel the characters develop as the thing progresses. My method: Take one season as the testing point and then see where you are at.

Cat Connor said...

Sound advice... but I really did not like it. I didn't.
I don't want crooked cops justifying themselves - it's a personal thing. :)

The thing with TV is, usually there is no character development as such - they don't learn and grow, like they do in novels.

There are exceptions - recent ones, but in general TV characters stay the same people they were at the beginning of the season. Hence you can write a spec script for almost any running show and nail the characters.

Meanwhile... we're working on something pretty darned cool and it includes character development and explosions. :D

Mriceguy said...

If there's no character development you're watching the wrong shows!

Good luck with your TV project. If it's anything like Killerbyte you should be sweet.

Cat Connor said...

Sadly it's a TV thing. But shows are changing and that's good. (And the shows I loved all got canned... lol)

Thanks, Michael. I would love to write killerbyte as a TV series - but for now, I'm working with a new character set and they're shaping up to be pretty cool. :)

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