Monday, September 3, 2012

It's on like Donkey Kong...

The Writer's Plot 50K challenge began on Sept 1st... Go you good things!!!

From what I can tell it's all going quite well.

Had one panicked email from our lovely Pat who can't find a story - she tried a few but felt they were duds. Have sent her a short list of ideas/prompts. Hopefully one will stick cos she's dead keen and she can definitely tell a story! She took out 3rd place in the short story challenge.

This morning I was at school with Admin One (in her Fire Service uniform being all official and fire servicey) with Shamu, her prize winning Persian pussy. Shamu coped rather well with the noisy mob of kids. Admin One did too -but her uniform is now covered in Shamu fur! :)
The kids heard the Shamu story and are now writing their "Shamu on the moon" story. What fun.

I came home and wrote about 3K, actually to be honest I didn't check my final numbers, so probably more. Nice to see the steady rise after last weeks dismal effort. It's now looking like databyte will come in around the 100K mark pre-edit. So it's going to be another decent sized novel. (Editing for me tends to mean adding in not taking out because I'm lazy and miss out descriptions and gloss over things while writing the initial draft.)

Romeo enjoyed his walk this morning. His new game of unstuffing his cushion has become his favorite thing. He beats it up, pulls the stuffing out, throws the stuffing around the room then waits for someone to re-stuff it so it's ready for the next go-round. Big fun, apparently.

Was a rather nice day today - not weather wise cos the weather was shit, but overall it was a rather nice day.

Oh yesterday I saw this really cool review... killerbyte. Isn't that just awesome? Really made my day - not just the review but the very charming reviewer who I was chatting to on Twitter last night because I tweeted the link - really, how could I not??. She's a real sweetheart.

In other news - have been snooping about the internet trying to discover how much information you can find about someone without using a credit card or the FBI databases. It's research. It's so much fun! I've done it before for various things but this needed to be more in depth and verified, even more fun.
And yes, there is a need to know this for databyte. Now I know. There is a lot out there, it's just time consuming to go digging without using the more trodden routes. (Routes that would for example leave a wider easier to track electronic footprint... such fun.)

Now, I'm off to bed. School again tomorrow!

Have fun, doing whatever you're doing...

And remember - The Admins are always watching.

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