Sunday, September 9, 2012


Yes that did require caps.

It also seems to have required a lot of wine (yeah, I'm not done yet)... you can thank spell check any time now.

Writing a book is like ... wrangling steers or jelly wrestling. It is. Trust me.
So many people liken it to giving birth... well quite frankly it's not at all like giving birth. For one thing there's no Demerol and also very little mess. (The odd tantrum maybe... but no one is at risk of bleeding to death. Back in the dark ages paper cuts could probably get quite nasty but let's face it, it's pretty fucking hard to cut yourself on a laptop.)

So anyway - it's Sunday 9/9/12 and databyte exists as a first draft... it came in just over 104K ... little bigger than I'd hoped for, especially as I'm notoriously lazy when writing a first draft and there is a bit of detail still required in a few scenes - about half.
This is a glorious 38 chapter novel.

It has both frustrated and delighted me... also, oddly has the lowest body count of all the Byte novels.

Log line?

Fuck off.

Seriously, I hate them. (But there is a temporary one-liner on the soundbyte/databyte page.)

But... I can tell you what it's about, databyte is the 6th Byte novel. And it's about SSA Ellie Conway (Big fucking freaking surprise) - photo's of her surfaced holding disembodied parts of her ex-brother-in-law and at the same time she is asked to protect a celebrity from a stalker. When nothing is what it seems to be, who do you believe?

Special thanks go to Mark Valley for taking the time to answer my questions earlier this year - and helping to round out the new character, Michael Fisher aka Steve Davenport.
Yes Tara, that means your favorite agent (Lee) has a brother! :-)
Fisher was most often referred to, by me, as 'the actor' during the process of writing this book- and occasionally with a derogatory sneer because he really stretched the boundaries - and I was having a hard job understanding my main characters behavior toward him.

And - I stand by my earlier comment in another blog... that's one helluva profile picture. :) Obviously I'm referring to Mark's picture not whatever the hell you were thinking.

I may have had a good deal of wine.

It is such a relief to have this done!!

HUGE relief.

Now... where are my minions and why is my glass empty... (okay it's a mug, and as some of you will know I can't reach the wine glasses which are now ON TOP of the pantry because Action Man rearranged the kitchen... and before you say anything I am NOT short - he just happens to be 6'6" and I'm 9" shorter than him!... and he had to stand on a chair to put them up there! So there is no hope for me!!)

I'm done... for the night.

I'm going to finish this bottle because I freaking well deserved it. :-)

How was your weekend?


Tara said...

A brother!!! How fantastic!!
But I bet he is no where as lovely as my Lee :)

Can't wait to read it Cat .. I'm dying for the next book!

Cat Connor said...

He's a different kind of lovely! :)

I see you...

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