Monday, September 24, 2012

Adding detail


The last week was spent adding detail to databyte. I'm not done yet. It's a long process and rather fun. (No where near as long as the initial writing faze but still long compared to, say, reading a book.)

This really is the fun part of writing. The hard work is done - the story begins and ends. During the writing process I had a new character to work with - that made it both fun and exhausting. Understanding what made him tick was not the easiest of things. BUT, I got there, kinda.
I went from disliking him quite a lot to thinking he was okay to eventually seeing massive potential in him.
And now that the story is complete I can spend more time uncovering little things about him that help his voice be unique and quite strong.
All the way through the writing process I wondered what he wanted.
Turns out he didn't know exactly what he wanted either until near the end.
I also found some surprising similarities between him and Ellie. You'll have to wait and see what they are. :)

Meanwhile, Jayne (my awesome editor at Rebel)  is going to start on Soundbyte shortly. (Edits, much fun for me.)

And, after the last two weeks of crazy hell - it all melted away on Saturday night and this week looks good, calm and focused. Hooray!
So nice to get to the other side of the crap and have some breathing space.

I noticed a small story idea lurking yesterday... okay, not so small, but still lurking. Shall try to ward it off until Anna and Darren are ready for another 50K.

How was your weekend??

These guys had a fun one...

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