Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Horse With No Name

It's Saturday morning.
(Yes, blogger lies, get over it!)

I got up at 6. Because I do. That's just how it goes.
Half an hour later and I've had one coffee and made all the changes to databyte that I made notes about on my kindle late last night. Yay.
I've also sent the document back to my kindle... tried to send an updated copy last night but obviously my brain had turned off... it wouldn't send. Wasn't until this morning that I saw why. I'd completely fucked up the email address, half of it was my kindle address the other half my paradise one. That was never going to work... no matter how many times I hit 'send/receive' and swore at it!

I also managed to get 'A horse with no name' stuck in my head... yes I will be sharing the joy with you all. :)
Couldn't figure out why ... but after listening to it - it does actually make sense, so just going with it.

Meanwhile, I'm writing a screenplay ... for a reason, not just for the hell of it. I know, right. Takes a bit to sink in.

I started writing on Thursday morning, 8 pages by the time Graeme came over to talk pitches/writing etc. A few hours and  a lot of laughter later... he read the first 8 pages and ... he likes it.
So, yesterday I worked on the screenplay most of the day. 25-26 pages later and it's taking shape. I'm probably just about 1/3 of the way through.
What's really different for me is knowing where it's going... because when I write novels I have no freaking idea where the story will go or how it will arrive (usually tattered and exhausted) or in fact who will still be around at the end.
This time I know. I know the main players will still be there at the end. And that's oddly comforting.

So, this is for you:

Because it's in my head...

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