Thursday, September 6, 2012

A flash from the universe...

Sometimes even though writing is going really well - it feels like there is something missing. It's usually really hard to pin point too. Nothing obvious to most people, just ... something.

That happened this afternoon.
I didn't want to finish the scene I was writing because it felt hollow and I didn't know why. Usually I'll go do something else - watch a DVD or some such. Today I didn't know what I wanted to watch.

So I surfed the net for a little bit. Eventually coming across some episodes of Keen Eddie.
It's no secret that I like Mark Valley as an actor - so Keen Eddie? Sure why not. The episode I stumbled upon was called "Achtung Baby."

I settled down to watch and had no idea what the episode was about.
Before long I was laughing and having to remind myself to check the time so I didn't forget to pick up Breezy.
The thing is... it helped.
Funnily enough that particular episode is about a stalker and an opera singer.
The scene I didn't want to finish today was about a stalker and an actor.
Not a big stretch.
It's awesome how the universe can drop things in your lap at the appropriate time.
Awesome and also, damned handy.

So, I watched, I laughed, I got over the scene thing that I didn't feel right and in the last hour I've injected the missing feeling/emotion/filled up the hollowness - that probably only I could see anyway... and it feels good.

Now, what would be really awesome... The entire Keen Eddie series on DVD. Seems it's not that easy to get here in New Zealand. Well, not easy to get at a reasonable price and without paying twice the amount of the DVD for shipping.
Just sometimes it sucks living at the bottom of the world. :)

FYI log lines... fuck. Just fuck.

Now - to finish this book.


(Did you click the Mark Valley link? - now that's a profile picture!!)

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