Saturday, September 1, 2012

What did I do this week?

1. I drank a lot of coffee which is preferable to drinking a lot of booze... but only marginally cheaper. I'm beginning to think coffee is the basis for currency not gold.

2. I stressed and struggled with a bunch of issues that cropped up within A Writer's Plot. Seems that someone did not understand the concept of critiquing at fucking all. Also, it seems that nastiness was that person's currency.
The person has now resigned from the group.

3. The above took a lot of energy. Especially as I've been sick all week. My word count has suffered. I didn't get databyte completed like I'd hoped by today! This makes me cross. Most people don't like me very much when I'm cross.

4. My week next week, is now organised. I'm writing with 6 and 7 year olds and rather excited about it. All week! An hour a day (or thereabouts). Monday will be quite exciting. To capture the kids attention one of my Admins is coming to school with one of her cat's. Just so happens that Admin One is an officer with the Fire Service... and she wrote a great story about her cat Shamu getting stuck in a  tree. We're reading it. Giving the kids their own copies, and some fab fire service pencils etc... and challenging them to write Shamu's next adventure. Such fun.

5. I tidied my laptop and PC. Really, I did. Amazing the shit you find when you decide to gather up old files!

6. Had a visit to my dentist too. Really, I'm sure most people don't have as much fun at the dentist as I do. But I do. Lynette is hilarious and such an awesome person. I signed her copy of killerbyte while I was there. She gave me a great idea for finding missing people - and we talked about dead bodies. Seriously - what's not to love? I really want her and the team to create killerbyte the movie - with a tooth instead of a head!! lol

7. All the notes for the 50K challenge are written and posted on the group facebook page.

8. I complied 16 files of critiques... which meant assembling all the critiques from A Writer's Plot members who took part (16 people) and dishing them out into separate files pertaining to the appropriate story. To be honest, I got very tired of opening files and so forth. And I didn't format anything, because everything was all over the place as it came it... I was cutting and dumping. It took freaking ages. But it's done... well apart from the last two that arrived this morning and one which will be late.
To be honest - the standard for first time short stories from this group is pretty fucking good. I'm so proud of  how well they've done.

9. Today I am looking forward to feeling better (that'd be nice) and the usual suspects gathering for a roast lamb dinner. We never have lamb, it's too expensive (in a country that exports it like no one's business)... but Admins One and Admin Bubbles brought two legs of lamb last weekend for dinner tonight. And I am looking forward to it. Also, it's the official first day of spring - seems appropriate to eat lamb. :)

10. We have A Writer's Plot meeting today too. And I am looking forward to crowning someone with 'the crown of joy'. (Crowning as in putting it on their head not smashing their skull in...)

11. I know who won... and who came second and who came third. :) :) :)
nah, nah, na, nah, nah.

Yes I am all grown up. Thanks.

Also, I ate a lot of Whittaker's white chocolate this week but not as much as my kids. Turns out Breezy's favorite is white choc macadamia nut... if you haven't tried it -do so, it's so very very good. (tastes a lot like the white choc truffles I make at Christmas time, minus the booze and apricots.)

So, what'd you do last week?

Happy spring!! :)

Now where's the mint sauce...

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