Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The weird things I think about...

"If I walked on my hands I'd have a whole different view of the world, also, it would be harder to open doors."
That little gem was rolling around in my head when I woke up the other morning. I suspect one of my main characters put it there. Not sure which one, mind you.

It's amused me for a few days now and no doubt it will amuse me for a few more before I figure out where it belongs.
Things like that are never nothing. They're somethings waiting for me to place them.

I really want to use TWEEP in a book, but have yet to come across the right scene and characters for such a thing.
TWEEP - terminate with extreme prejudice.

How cool is that?
Don't ask me why there is an extra 'e' - guess maybe it's so it says tweep not twep... twep is just not a cool sounding word. Definitely needs the long e.

On one very odd day someone from CBS and someone/thing from Rosedale Cemetery read my blog. I didn't know ghosts/zombies/the undead could access the internet. It's been bothering me.

Also, we're looking at a launch day in late May for Soundbyte - and the NZ launch will be at the library... and that is super exciting. That's rather dominated my thoughts since Thursday night when the library manager asked if I would have the launch there.

Meanwhile - I have four stories arrived for the Writer's Plot short story challenge, and must email the group to see how the others are coming along. I'm expecting around 18 stories by Saturday.

Such fun!



The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
- Marcel Proust

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