Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The fun things ...

The fun things pop up when I'm writing that amuse me. This is a good thing, because if they didn't amuse me then I'd probably kill more people and let's face it, I generally have a pretty high body count - no need to go OTT on that. (Although Flashbyte, Soundbyte and Databyte have much lower body counts than the first 3 bytes, simply because of the type of stories they are... characters don't always need to die. Stop it... they actually don't!)

Lately the stuff that has amused me, possibly won't amuse anyone else. Like for example, using TATP as an initiator and designing a cooling system for an IED that also doubles as a timer. That was fun.
I can imagine how many red flags just went up over that sentence.

Then there was the creating of a trap to catch a stalker. Such fun. Also, elaborate as no one is a hundred percent sure that the person they think is the stalker is in fact the stalker. It involves a wedding with a very limited guest list and 9 rather well armed agents.
Such fun.

And, the using of malware to gather data and spy on someone - and then using that same (but slightly modified) malware on the person who installed it to start with. (Not confusing at all.)

This is a slow week. Which is kinda annoying as I want to get databyte finished but I am sick and therefore not firing on all cylinders - and that shows in my work, so best to leave it!

I did spend a good hour swearing at Wordpress today. Every time I save a page it fucks the formatting big time. I give up. The page will just have to look like this Anthologies and I will just have to suck it up.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for all the Writer's Plot critiques to come in so I can send them on to the appropriate writers. It's been quite an adventure this short story competition.

Oh and I've got stories in two anthologies that are due out over the next week or so (see the link above).

And now... I think I'll go lie on the sofa and watch some Human Target - because sometimes a girl just needs to be entertained and the combination of Mark Valley, Chi McBride, and Jackie Earle Haley is very entertaining.

So how's your week going?

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