Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: SpacEscape by Larry Nelson

SpacEscape – Larry Nelson

I really enjoyed this Novel. Author Larry Nelson’s depiction of disaffected youth growing up in a Lower Hutt suburb is both confrontational and real. It was a surprise and a treat, being very familiar with the suburb of Naenae, to be able to recognise and identify the landmarks.
The author has also managed to develop an utterly believable futuristic scenario plugging into the subconscious modern psyche of a post apocalyptic world, yet with glimmers of technical salvation. It is this imaginative twist on escapism that affords both Tama and his future counterpart, Scott, a glimpse of a future beyond – is it real or is it not?

Reviewed by Barbara  from 'A Writer's Plot'

Anyone interested in locating a copy of Larry's book the details are as follows:

Wheeler's Books
North Shore City

Directly from The Publishers, (in NZ):
LSD Enterprises
6 Cleland Crescent

@ $26-90 + P&P

And online from The Copy Press,
I've also found a page for this book on Fishpond but it's listed as currently unavailable.

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