Friday, August 3, 2012

Rebel's new bookstore

It's Friday, it's August 3rd (ignore what blogger tells you, it lies).

Now for some exciting news...

My publisher, Rebel ePublishers have just opened their own e store on the Rebel website.
AND at the moment you can pick up our fantastic books for $1.99 each!!! (ePub and kindle versions)

I know.... Crazy price!!

How exciting is that to people who love to read good books?


This is an opening special, to be honest I don't know how long the prices will remain at this ridiculously low $1.99... so get in there and discover some new fabulous authors along the way.

PS. Full price for ePub and Kindle books via Rebel's store is only $3.99 (cheapest price on the web)

And you're waiting for what exactly??  Go on... hop over and score some awesome books at an incredible price.

Meanwhile I'm off to the dentist then hopefully will finish my 20K challenge week a few words over. I could have finished it yesterday but was too tired to write so had a day off. Got a feeling the 1.5K required to finish this will be fast and furious this afternoon.

Oh and if I didn't mention it before... The Alexander Turnbull Library is purchasing The _Byte Series in digital format.
Action Man declares that makes me a national treasure. :)

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