Monday, August 6, 2012

Pushing the envelope

But not in a mathematical or aeronautical way... just to clarify.

Last week I set myself a 20K word challenge.  The aim was to get through some tough scenes and move this story closer to a conclusion... because to be perfectly honest I want it DONE.

I achieved my 20K and found some hidden threads which are kinda fun. So I'm sitting here this morning desperately wanting to pull the end of one of the threads and watch the thing unravel - just to see what would happen... and whose still standing once the thread is tangled mess on the floor!

Currently I have a character in an awkward position. In fact there are four of them in this position... I'm not a hundred percent sure who will be left or how this will resolve. Usually, it's a matter of solving the cases and learning a few things on the way and hopefully everyone makes it to the end... but I don't see that solving the cases is going to save anyone.
Could get very messy. Collateral damage.

Meanwhile - Saturday was A Writer's Plot day... We discovered we'd been moved closer to the front desk and there was no power! A few jokes were made about how the library might be trying to edge toward the door because we're a lively group. :) So, we rearranged the tables but couldn't move them back to our usual spot due a stage being there!
We have to rearrange the tables every time because there are never enough and the formation always needs changing - which makes me think that perhaps no one can quite get their head around the size of my group? So far we haven't had everyone together at once... and we've downsized, losing a few people over time. (The one I loved the most was the lovely lady who read one of my books and decided I was too racy so she wouldn't be coming back... that is truly AWESOME. And yes, still makes me smile.)
What we have now is our 20 core people. The people who WANT to write. The people who are ready for some challenges... and the group has now begun it's first real challenge. I am hoping that everyone attempts the short story challenge.
The next challenge is going to push that envelope big time.
We're going from a cruisy little short story in August to a 50K novel challenge in September.
(Which I will do as well.)

So while everyone is writing their shorts and shitting themselves about the big challenge coming up I need to get this current book FINISHED. Time to clear the decks. I already know what I'm going to write in September, no clue about the story, but I know it'll be another UH PI story.

This week is another 20K week, so I best get on with it.

What challenges have you set for yourself this week?

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