Thursday, August 30, 2012

Okay Lynette - just for you!

I was at the dentist today - and my dentist is pretty awesome.
Before I left I signed her copy of killerbyte... and said I would find the killerbyte crossword for Lynette - because she hadn't been able to find it.

So here it is... or at least a link to it on my website:

KILLERBYTE - the crossword

Go nuts!

Also - so looking forward to seeing 'killerbyte the movie' done by the staff at Silverstream dentists. hahahaha. You so should do that, it would be hysterical.

Ohhh and massive HINT to answer at least one of the crossword questions you need to have watched the killerbyte trailer and take note of the credits at the end:
Which is here:

Meanwhile I have a book to finish, a numb mouth and the need for coffee!!


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