Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New notebooks...

I almost said, "That is all." But that seems a tad mean.

New notebooks are so awesome but it's not just new notebooks, it's new pens too. Happy happy joy joy.

Currently using the LOL notebook... for databyte. Which means it's already filling with seemingly random words and phrases. They're far from random but I doubt they'd make sense to anyone but me. Which is how I like it.

My notebooks are dumping grounds for stuff that spills from my brain... and they get used for partial scenes, full scenes, thoughts on characters, comments from characters... snippets of conversations.

All the things that pop into my head while I'm in the middle of writing get scrawled in a special notebook.
The important thing here is middle... until I get at least to the middle (or in this case 3/4 through) the necessity for a dedicated notebook doesn't arise. Until then everything just swirls around in my head and any spill off (I have an image of thoughts flying out of my brain and sticking to the walls) ends up in my day planner.

I have a lot of notebooks stored away from the various books I've written - it's fun to look back through them. I remember writing each word.
I'm off to go work on a scene that keeps playing over and over and has been since I had to stop to feed the family this evening.

Work/write... it's going to be a late night.

Oh and I discovered something today - I really do not like men wearing crocs. Don't care how cute the guy is - crocs ruin it.
I never liked them as a shoe (ick) but was quite surprised what a total turn-off they are. (Worse than smoking - but not by much!)


Kinsa Hays said...

I'm going to get out my notebooks too. I have 2 empty ones that have come house sitting with me. Now I know what to use them for!

I already carry a small one in my handbag for poetry. I went on the Haiku Walkway in Katikati yesterday. Here's the offering;

Buds bursting
Petals litter
The Haiku Walk


Cat Connor said...

Thanks for dropping by Kinsa!

Glad you found a use for those notebooks. :)

I see you...

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