Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday: sore throat and white chocolate

Early this morning (just as I was getting Romeo ready for the walk to school) a courier arrived. I immediately thought Action Man had ordered another multi-sling or tactical knife or, what's the new thing now?... shit I can't remember. But I do remember giving him a bit of flak over it, so it'll come to me.

Anyway, Squealer went to get the package.
It looks like this:
(Obviously this is it's redacted form, lol)

I noted it was from J.H Whittaker & sons... and about a week ago I was talking about Whittaker's white chocolate (the BEST white chocolate in the world.) on Twitter, as you do... these things come up in regular conversation. (Also, I had just discovered how delicious dipping Whittaker's white chocolate into tea was, so felt the need to share.)

Anyway - a few tweets later. Whittaker's offered to send a fellow tweeter some white chocolate for her to try. So awesome of them! And, then, asked for my address. I DM'd them and thought no more of it.

Until today.

Check this out!

So, I did what any self-respecting white chocolate lover would do... I stirred my coffee with a white choc sante bar - it's like heaven. :)

Last night I hardly slept due to an evil sore throat. But getting such an awesome gift from Whittaker's did make me feel better. (Healing power of white chocolate??)

I suspect the kids will be quite delighted when they get home from school. White chocolate is also the favorite choc of Squealer and Breezy.
(And I didn't have time to open the package before we left this morning.)

In other news: I'm no closer to finishing the first draft of databyte - pretty much took the weekend off. But hope to have it completed by the coming weekend because I'd really like to do the 50K challenge with the Writer's Plotters next month.

I really should go get some Codral or something, feeling quite crappy today.

Hope y'all had a good weekend. Do anything exciting?


Fantomenos said...

Nice score with the White Chocolate! Power of social media...

Went bar-hopping with friends Friday night, bought a new car Saturday afternoon, which stressed me out so much that I went home and just cooked non-stop. By 10 at night I had made salsa, eggplant dip, a huge greek salad and an apple crisp.

Cat Connor said...

New car! How cool. So, you're a stress cook?? Now that's interesting. :)

I see you...

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