Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday is an awesome day.

It really is. Usually it's when everyone is gone. (School and work) Today it was not quite like that. The Boy Wonder had today off, so he was around a bit.
The great thing about that - he made me coffee a few times. Love not having to make my own coffee and just being able to work!!

Also, I was asked to take Breezy's class for writing. Such fun. I figure I can do that the first week of September - should have Databyte finished by the end of August.
The only issue I may have with school is timing... going to school, coming home, going back, coming home, going back, coming home... not ideal. Would prefer to cut out one of those trips. The middle one! Will see what I can do.

I want to do the 50k along with A Writers Plot people. Thought I was going to be writing something completely different but we'll see. Probably not. Probably either a fresh kiwi novel or another byte.
Whatever pops up on the day. That would be Sept 1st.

Had a hilarious moment with Breezy this afternoon. Skype was open. She pointed to pictures across the top of the status window - Caleb, Cleo, then stopped still pointing and said "O.M.G." (Yeah she really said O.M.G.) "That's HIM." Pointing at a DVD on the shelf and back to the computer. "You know him!"
She grinned like a goofball and said, "If he ever comes over I'll ... I'll hide."
Impressive recognition skills. (She couldn't read the names, they only show up if you mouse over them. And no, I'm not telling you who it is that had the child so delighted.)
Most amusing. 6 year olds are awesome.

I did get some work done today. Added detail to a few scenes and wrote a few fun scenes. Learned more about the new guy, learned more about Ellie, learned a lot about the team dynamic. Writing is a continual learning curve.

Tonight - I'm going to do a little bit of writing and then relax in front of the telly and let entertainment just happen. My brain needs a break. I think it deserves one. :)

Here's my boy being extremely cheeky last night...

He was supposed to be going outside to, you know, but decided he'd climb on the couch with The Boy Wonder instead... yeah, nah.
And of course Missy the fat grey cat had to pop over for a look!

Hope you all have a good week... any plans??

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